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Expansion: Elven Spring BEATEN

Congratz to bigdaddy for being the first person to complete DelenarTD Elven Spring!!!

by Royalmage

Small Delay on Elven Spring Xpac...

Well guys... I know we were shooting for mid March for the next Xpac to DelenarTD. However we have been spending alot of time with our next game, and we have had to push the xpac back till April 10th ish. We are working hard to make sure the DelenarTD gets more xpac's but at the same time we are also working to provide more games/genres to the Delenar world. An announcement of the upcoming title will be posted here soon!

by Royalmage

DelenarTD: Dwarven Winter has been beaten!!!

Congratz to Otto for being the first person to beat the xpac! The next xpac is due out in mid March!

by Royalmage

DelenarTD: Need Ratings!

Hey everyone toss us a rating!


We are looking to move up on the charts a bit so that more people can find the game. If everyone that likes the game can go to the "Rate Us" button on the main menu of the app and rate us well then we will move up in the rankings pretty fast! Please help us out with this so we can get more people to compete with on the highscores!

by Royalmage

Expansion: Dwarven Winter RELEASED!

Well guys its finally out!

We hope you all enjoy it alot, let us know what you think on the forums!

by Royalmage